Chemtrol 535D is a powdered heavy duty, highly concentrated all metal cleaner developed for use in spray washing systems. Cleans large quantity of oils and removes stubborn soils.
Unit of Measure


Chemtrol #

N/A 535D


N/A Free Flowing White Powder


N/A Yes

Phosphate Free

N/A No

Flash Point

N/A None

PH of Use Solution

N/A 11.5 - 12.5

Key Performance Benefits

N/A Excellent degreasing and rust inhibitating properties.

Nonfoaming in low temperature applications as low as 110ºF.

Safe for use on all metals.

Effective at low concentrations.


N/A Chemtrol 535D is an industrial strength product. See MSDS for health and safety information. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing.



  • Intended for use in batch or continuous spray washing equipment.
  • Use 1-3 ounces per gallon of water depending on severity of soils.
  • Nonfoaming in cleaning range of 110-180ºF.

Additional Handling Fee

Additional Handling Fee

N/A pail handling fee ($8.50)


N/A 0
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