Floor Cleaner & All Purpose Manual Cleaner

Scrub-Mate is a liquid alkaline cleaner with multiple uses. It is primarily used in automatic floor cleaning machines in industrial plants on sealed concrete and painted surfaces.

Scrub-Mate contains biodegradable surfactants with powerful soil penetrating properties and a mild pH. It is effective in hard water and rinses freely.

Scrub-Mate is safe to use on all metal surfaces. It will not attack neoprene, plastic, nylon, or rubber. Scrub-Mate is safe on most painted surfaces.
Unit of Measure


Discount Price / %
3 - 9


Chemtrol #

N/A Scrubmate


N/A Clear Liquid

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.02

PH 1% Solution

N/A ~9.0


N/A Yes

Flash Point

N/A None


N/A Rapid


N/A Mild

Wetting Ability

N/A Excellent


N/A Excellent


N/A Controlled/Low


N/A Automatic Floor Scrubbers
Use at 1 to 10% by volume depending on soils and frequency of application.

Steam Cleaning
Use at 1 to 5% by volume.

Manual Cleaning of Equipment
Brush on at 5 to 10% by volume; rinse with steam or clean water.

General Cleaning with mop & bucket
Use at 1 to 3% by volume.


N/A No health or safety hazards exist when Scrub-Mate is used, stored, and disposed of in accordance with instructions on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

Additional Handling Fee

Additional Handling Fee

N/A pail handling fee ($8.50)


N/A 0
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