Chemtrol 320 is a liquid alkaline cleaner concentrate for use in vibratory and tumble finishing equipment. Chemtrol 320 cleans medium to heavy soils and inhibits ferrous parts while keeping the media sharp and aggressive.

Key Performance Benefits:
  • Cleans coolants, lubricants, and other fabrication soils.
  • Safe on most metals.
  • Very free rinsing eliminating films and troublesome residues.
  • Prevents flash rust.
  • Effective at 0.5 to 5% dilution in water.
Unit of Measure


Discount Price / %
3 - 9


Chemtrol #

N/A 320


N/A Liquid


N/A 5 gallon bucket

Material to be Processed

N/A Cold Rolled Steel Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Copper Silver Gold Aluminum Brass - Bronze Magnesium Zinc


N/A Cleaning/Degreasing Neutralizing


N/A Clear Green Liquid

Specific Gravity

N/A 1.1 or 9.2 lbs/gal

PH Concentrate

N/A 12.5

PH 1% Solution

N/A 11.0


N/A Chemtrol 320 is an industrial strength product. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing.

First Aid

N/A In case of contact, wash affected area with water. Flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek prompt medical attention.

Waste Disposal

N/A Biodegradable. Does not contain heavy metals or other priority pollutants.

Compound Type

N/A Cleaning, Rust Inhibiting

Foaming Tendency

N/A Medium to High

Additional Handling Fee

Additional Handling Fee

N/A pail handling fee ($8.50)


N/A HAZ MAT Fee ($28.50)
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