Inhibited mineral acid liquid descaler. Contains specially selected biodegradable cationic and nonionic surfactants. Non-flammable. Ph of 1%
Unit of Measure


Discount Price / %
3 - 9


Chemtrol #

N/A 409


N/A Liquid


N/A 5 gallon bucket

Material to be Processed

N/A Cold Rolled Steel Hardened Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass - Bronze


N/A Bleaching Descaling

First Aid

N/A Use of gloves to avoid contact with skin recommended. In case of contact, flush freely with water. In case of contact with eyes, flush freely with water and seek medical attention. (red label)

Waste Disposal

N/A Follow local disposal codes for biodegradable detergent effluents. Neutralization may be necessary as per local code.

Compound Type

N/A Descaling and Bleaching


N/A Store in cool, dry area.


N/A Danger contains acid do no take internally. Can cause irritation or burns to skin or eyes. Use rubber gloves and eye protection when handling. Do not inhale fumes. Do not mix with alkaline materials.

Additional Handling Fee

Additional Handling Fee

N/A pail handling fee ($8.50)


N/A HAZ MAT Fee ($28.50)
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