• To ventilate blast cabinet for visibility and cleanliness.
  • Provides energy to convey media to the reclaimer for separation
  • Filters dust-laden air and discharges clean air to shop.
  • Allows the operator to clean the cartridges during operation.
  • Free standing with 5 gallon pail underneath for dust removal
Unit of Measure


N/A 99.999% of particles one-half micron or larger



  • #12 gauge (minimum), welded and caulked seams, bolted and gasketed
  • Filter access door: Through right side door of the cabinet
  • 5-Gallon waste drum.
  • Mini-Helic gauge measures the pressure drop across the filters
  • Regulator and gauge on compressed air line that feeds reverse pulse cartridge cleaning.

Filtration Area

Filtration Area

N/A 206 Square feet total through (2) cartridges

Blower Motor

Blower Motor

  • "Pull-Thru" style - mounted on the clean side of filter cartridges for impeller longevity
  • "Drip Proof" motor, 3450 RPM at 60 Hz., (2875 RPM at 50 Hz.)

Filter Cleaning


  • Manual reverse-pulse-jet cleaning
  • Actuated by manual push buttons, (2) total (1 per cartridge)


Blower Horsepower

N/A 1 hp


N/A 115/60/1 V

CFM/Static Pressure

N/A 400

Air-to-Filter Area

N/A 1.95 to 1

Number of Filters

N/A 2


N/A 6 in

Outside Dimensions (D x W x H) Dust Collector

N/A 32 x 20 x 80 in



  • Photohelic/Timer package: automatically pulses the cartridges as required
  • Fan Silencer 80-84 dBA

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