• Pre-Engineered Blast Booths (PEB)

    • Facilitate Customer Assembly
    • Include a "Tunable" Media Reclaim System
    • Simplify Safety & Environmental Compliance

    Empire's Pre-Engineered Blast Booths (PEB) feature the essentials of blast rooms at a fraction of the cost. These ten-foot-High booths not only include the hardware required to strip large parts fast. They also reclaim media, remove dust and breathe fresh air into the work enclosure with Empire's exclusive Booth Ventilation System (BVS).

    Available in five sizes, these booths ship flat and can be assembled by three people using a forklift or scissor lift in two days. Because the PEB bolts together and requires no excavation, it can be disassembled and set up at a new site in less than a week.

    For many applications requiring strict environmental and safety compliance, Empire's Pre-Engineered Booths offer an attractive alternative to makeshift enclosures or Higher priced blast rooms.

    All PEB parts-ranging from the central blast and recovery system to pre-wired electrical connections and 14 gauge wall panels-come from Empire, where they have been engineered and built to work in harmony. This assures balanced performance between components and provides users with a single source of responsibility for overall system performance.

  • Package Room Doors Open

    Packaged blast rooms are available with many options in a variety of enclosure sizes. These enclosures feature #10- gauge wall/ceiling panels and fully welded construction. Package rooms can be installed quickly. They are normally up and running within a day.

  • Package Room Doors Open

    Empire provides industry with high quality, dependable blast room equipment

    Blast room equipment is used in a wide variety of industries that require surface preparation prior to the application of a protective coating. The surface of the work piece is cleaned by a mixture of abrasive and high pressure compressed air being directed at the work piece by a blast operator. The operator holds a venturi nozzle tipped hose in his hands and controls the abrasive/air mixtyre generated at the blast machine with an "on the hose" operator switch.

    The blast room contains the abrasive being shot at the work piece as well as providing lighting and ventilation for the operator's safety. The abrasive and surface particle mix (i.e. paint chips, surface rust, mill scale, etc.) are collected by the floor reclamation system and brought back to the classifier to separate reusable abrasive from waste. The reusable abrasive is stored in a bin above the blast machine and is ready for the cycle to start again.

    Industries that require this process include:

    • Steel Fabricators
    • Construction Equipment
    • Railcars
    • Steel Tanks
    • Trailers
    • Oil Field Equipment
    • Ship Building
    Empire offers a variety of reclaim floor designs and room configurations which allow us to design a blast room facility uniquely tailored to meet the economic production, safety and environmental concerns of each customer.