• Bullard Respirator Hood

    The Bullard® 88VX3230 respirator hood provides superior head, neck and torso protection while meeting all applicable OSHA requirements.

  • Bullard AC1000 Air Conditioner

    Bullard's AC1000, belt-mounted air conditioner can be adjusted by the operator to reduce in-coming air temperatures from a compressor by as much as 30°F.

  • Bullard Air Pump Kit

    Bullard's air-pump kit (88VXSYS) includes pump, respirator hood and all connections to supply multiple operators working at ranges of up to of 300 feet.

  • Bullard Free Air Pump

    Free-air pumps mitigate carbon-monoxide hazards by drawing on ambient air instead of air from a compressor. Nevertheless, the intake ports on these pumps must be kept away from harmful gases to assure operator safety. Empire offers pumps from RPB and Bullard® with one, two and four operator feeds.

  • Bullard Frigitron®

    Designed for use with free-air pumps rather than compressors, Bullard's Frigitron® contributes to worker comfort and productivity in hot, humid environments with temperature reductions of up to 20°F.

  • Bullard HC2400 Climate Controller

    With Bullard's HC2400 climate controller, the operator can either raise or lower air temperatures from the compressor by up to 30°F.