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N/A 13


N/A Empire

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N/A Blast Hose Assembly

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N/A Empire Cabinet Systems and Spare Parts


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  • EMPIRE will not warrant equipment or assume responsibility for damage or injury resulting from neglect or use of improper parts. Failure to follow procedures, which could cause injury and death, constitutes misuse of the product.
  • Do not exceed 125 psi inlet pressure.
  • Do not disassemble when pressurized or with air supply connected. Be sure all fastenings, including sight plugs, are tightened properly.
Pressure Vessel
  • Flange above pop-up valve must be secured before vessel is pressurized.
  • Never drill, weld or otherwise alter the pressure vessel. If modifications are required, contact EMPIRE or an A.S.M.E. certified welding shop.
  • Inspect couplings and blast hose daily for splits, bubbles, soft spots, wear, etc. Make sure nozzle washers are in good condition and screw heads are snug against coupling surfaces. The safety pin (PN 510511) must be in place to prevent disconnection of quick couplings.
  • When assembling couplings to blast hose use only #8 x 5/8" long, self-tapping, sheet-metal screws (PN 554232) for cast brass and aluminum couplings and #8 x 3/8" long, self-tapping, sheet-metal screws (PN 554242) for all steel couplings. Use of other types of screws may create a safety hazard.
Automatic Sure-Flo® Media Regulator
  • Never attempt to disassemble the spring assembly in the automatic Sure-Flo® media regulator. The spring is under high compression and may injure personnel.