Your Light Weight, Robust, Quality Abrasive Blasting Helmet

The design team at RPB Respiratory likes to listen to the market place. When people were asking for a compact, lightweight Blasting Helmet, they listened and developed the Astro.

The Astro Blasting Helmet is your number one choice economy Abrasive Blasting Helmet which meets standards worldwide including CE, Australian Standards and is approved by NIOSH.

The Astro Blasting Helmet has a large flat lens which provides excellent vision without distortion.

When it comes to increasing productivity, Lightweight means less fatigue, the Astro Blasting Helmet only weighs 2 ¾ lb / 1.2Kg.

Each part on the Astro Blasting Helmet can be easily replaced using conventional tools, reducing downtime if you need to replace parts it can be done on the field.
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