You’d believe this helmet was designed for you!

The design team at RPB Respiratory has called upon more than 100 years of combined Blasting experience to produce one of the most advanced Abrasive Blasting Helmets available... the Nova 2000.

The Nova 2000 will provide you with more comfort, less fatigue, better protection and improved productivity. The Nova 2000 has been designed by and for blasting professionals.

The Nova 2000 offers superior operator comfort as it sits snug on your head and turns when you turn your head, no more looking into the side of your helmet.

The Nova 2000 is fitted with lightweight pillow foam padding that distributes the weight of the helmet evenly over the head; this removes the top heavy feeling.

You really have to try on a Nova 2000, you will enjoy the comfort, you will notice the quiet and you will believe that the Nova 2000 was designed for you.

The Nova 2000 is approved by several certifying bodies including NIOSH, CE and Standards Australia.

The Nova 2000 meets requirements for ANSI Z87.1 Eye Protection and ANSI Z89.1 Head Protection.

The Nova 2000 provides an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 1000.
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